Saturday, August 13, 2011

Why Astronomy???

Do you know? Out of so many hobbies that is available out there, why does someone like me being so obsessed with astronomy? I believe that no one will ever find out the truth why is there existence of humans on Earth.
And why is earth in the sweet spot that will harbour life.
And our short lifespan of 65 to 85 years of living, how did we contribute to earth and did we make full use of our time alive doing the things that we wanted to do? Or be a puppet that lives day by day counting how much paper they have made but never even get a chance to really enjoy his life.
After having tried several hobbies, i can say that i have finally found something that i really like and can continue to enjoy for the years to come.
Astronomy not only brings enjoyment to oneself but also it brought lots of interests to the people near us... Our families and friends all got to know more about the planets that is surrounding us and star birth and death thru our sharing with them.
I can clearly remember each and everyone's expression when i showed them the moon's surface in close views. The rings of Saturn and moons of Jupiter.
With current technology, anyone and everyone can enjoy the natural shows that is available above us.
I am glad to be living my dream of doing astronomy and also, astrophotography.

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