Tuesday, April 30, 2013

A 2nd toy, Alt Azi Mount

I was sourcing around for a good quality grab and go mount that I can deploy with minimum effort.
Don't be mistaken, I still love my G11 GEM, perhaps for high poer viewing. However, you know at times if you just wanna take a quick peek and the moon or the planets, you rather have something that doesn't invloves the complexity of setting up a goto GEM mount.

So my hunt started, I looked at a few options and even considered my previous mount that I sold off.

A Bintel Azi mount that I bought from Mc Gill locally.

And so since I had it before, didnt really like it but the slow mo slew was helpful.

My search leads to this mount head from Astroslew. It is strange because I can't seem to find their official website selling this product. Only through a friend, he told me this product came in a few series,
Astro Slew 1 to 3 and finally the newer models are named Astroslew Inox and Astroslew AIM.
It is actually made by an enginneer based in China, and his work is remarkable.
And the best thing is I manage to find it in one of the forums based in China, a member is selling his complete with Tripod that looks like from Skywatcher, a mid extension pier and a vixen saddle.
All in for a good price. And the good thing is, I am travelling to HK next week so he is willing to ship it to HK to my hotel.

This is the image of the mount. Looking forward to using it! :P


  1. nice setup bro..any idea where I can get this astroslew? I can't read Chinese :-)