Saturday, January 22, 2011

Eunos Sidewalk Astronomy

Last night, 21st Jan 2011 at Eunos, Singastro's Remus organized a sidewalk astronomy sessions with the experienced guys for an observation session.
After getting off work at 730pm, i went home took a bath and rode down to eunos to meet them.
Upon reaching the venue, i could see a few telescopes being set up by the field already.
Among them were Celestron, Takahashi, William optics and a few more just to name.
The starblast that i sold made it to the meet up around 1030pm. But he have missed most of the show already.

Immediately upon reaching, we caught a glimpse of Jupiter with Ganymede and IO. Withe the distinctive cloud bands in the planet, one should be glad we are not living in Jupiter.
After the Jupiter went down behind the trees lol our next object is the 7 sisters and orion nebula.

Pleaides M45 7 sisters

Orion Nebula M42


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