Monday, February 28, 2011

How I got into astronomy

For more than a few decades, I have been always taken a liking into astronomy. The mysteries of life existing on earth, the vastness of the universe, it leaves one little to think that we are the only one living in this universe.
While i was very young, I got this book from my grandpa, "life"
Though i couldn't understand a single word in the book, the pictures in the book was enough to make my eyes glued to it.
Pictures of Stella birth, our solar system, our very own star which we call the Sun, and galaxies, colorful  images of nebulas were all wow to me.
Whenever i'm in a library (which i seldom visit lol) i would always zoom in to the science corner where there are books on astronomy.
Until about 12 years ago, i got my first telescope. Its supposed to be a toy scope from tasco.
I didn't know how to use it at all and pointed randomly at the moon.
The views is stunning! I can see craters and different ridges on it.
But the interest was short lived. Soon after i forgotten about the hobby and got on with other interests lol
My passion for astro didn;t die off just that it was kept in a corner of my heart.

Until recently, i decided to get a scope and learn more about the cosmos. I bought a beginners' scope from a local guy, an orion starblast 4.5 with an EQ3.
Pointed at jupiter and i saw the moons! Faintly i could see the storm band on the surface of jupiter. Its a gas giant and from so far away, i could see details. not too bad! lol

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