Saturday, May 28, 2011

New laptop Asus K43SV

Got this new cool laptop to embark on my astrophotography!
There are so much to learn omg....
First i got the scope i needed, a Takahashi FS60CB,
with it came along a QHY5 CMOs guider and a mini Borg 50mm for Guiding use.
Then i bought a Losmandy GM8 with digital drive then came along all the power cords and AC adapter.
Its tiring but a fun process to learn new things like how to use the mount etc...

And at current i am putting all my energy into learning how the various programs works. Been reading and reading, from online and from books.
Hopefully this mersing trip which i'm going next weekend will be fruitful!

Looking to take at least some useful data.
Well, this marks the beginning of my Astrophotography hobby!

Stay tuned for results! lol

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