Thursday, May 24, 2012

The interest in astronomy

The universe is a big mystery for most of us. Through physics humans found out more about the universe. The installation of the space telescopes allow us to find out more about what is surrounding us and the more we find out, the smaller we felt.
Everything we are experiencing now are all part of a creation. By who we don't really know. Scientist called this miracle the Big Bang. Where universe is created from nothing. You, me are all miracles. And yet, our lifespan is a mere 100 years if you live healthy for the most of your life. We all will return to nothing as we age and the cycle for life continues even if we are gone from this world, this dimension.
Astronomy has been really exciting for me. I love to look at pictures showing planets that are few hundred times bigger than earth, planets that consist of gas rather than solid ground we are feeling now on earth. Stars that explodes and leave a remnant of gas clouds behind for millions of years. Looking up in the starry sky is the fastest way of travelling back in time. Humans are so short lived and our history makes us a young race, a young human race.
My next year's plan is to capture images of our solar system, mostly Jupiter and Saturn. And have a proper website to document my visits, images that I took through the years...

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