Sunday, December 2, 2012

Cloudy nights...

The sky has been cloudy for a few months already... Luckily while waiting for the the sky to clear, I am preparing for my widefield APO set up.
A Borg 45EDii!
This is perhaps the smallest APO and it is freaking expensive! Almost 2k for that tiny fellow. Of course I added in reducers, rings and adapters for CCD and dslr bla bla.
Oh! I traded my CN212 with Remus for his SBIG St8300M! Really eager to embark on the CCD journey. Sam was asking if i am selling my hypermod 450D haha....
That DSLR is a masterpiece by my friend Kelvin, and he invested alot of efforts into making that for me. Basically its a non for sale item! haha.
I love my DSLR and I love my Sbig. lol

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