Sunday, March 24, 2013

My Current Set up

Just realized that I haven't been talking much about my current set up for Widefield astrophotography.
A couple of months ago I sold my HD Tripod to a nice guy in Singastro.
The Losmandy HD Tripod is a fantastic heavy duty tripod that doesn't even shakes even when heavy wind is blowing. The only catch is, its heavy. lol
And its also very difficult for transportation due to its design.
3 fat legs with a center tri pier.
I am always very amazed at Remus's Astro Physics Pier because of how easy it is to set up and also to transport.
So, I managed to buy it over from him. hahaha
This is how the Losmandy HD tripod looks like

And this is how the AstroPhysics Pier looks like

Together with my G11 and dual Borgs
I am very satisfied with my current set up.

A buddy of mine have a fantastic scope.
Intes MN 61.
Will be eager to try out and see what results it will yield.

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